In childhood, parents prefer word games for their loved ones & child starts

understanding whole world by words. And expressing this words in need built up confidence

in him. In normal cases word formation is regulated in Broca’s area of left cerebral hemisphere.

Through MRI & PET scan it is found in some cases that this area gets less electrical activation.

For this there are certain causes like genetic, environmental, after head injury or dementia.

                      This leads to symptoms like learning disorder, delayed onset of speech, difficulty

in distinguishing direction, easily distracted by background noise, mirror writing, difficult word

retrieval. Dyslexia may accompany with dysgraphia (difficult in writing) in eye-hand coordination;

for example tying knots, and with ADHD (AttentionDeficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Patient sometimes

have difficulty in pronunciation of new words or unfamiliar words.

                     Dyslexia is a neurological mental disorder with difficult information processing;
remembering information they see & hear. On plus side, dyslexic peopleoften have strong visual,

creative, problem solving skill are prominent among entrepreneurs, inventors, architects, & in

entertainment world. Most famous person Albert Einstein synonymous of Genius was a sufferer of

dyslexia in hischildhood.

                      But in view with social aspect, people think dyslexia will not harm our child, often
interpreted as deaf & dumb. In true sense, it means brain process written language differently than

brain of non-dyslexic. So, in this type of disease,early detection & intervention are at most important.

                      Homoeopathy works by harnessing our natural defenses. Each of us is unique. It’s

our differences that guide the homeopathic doctor to what medicine does the patient need depends on patient’s
nature, sensitivity, reaction to the external world.

                       The following are the medicine indicated for learning disabilities. Notice the difference

in personality in all of them for the sake of this article if your child were to need one of the Rxs, it

would NOT be the dyslexic condition that would guide the physician. Rather, it’s what is UNIQUE

about your child; what we call strange, Rare, and peculiar in your child’s nature helps us tailor the

Medicine for dyslexia in homoeopathy are:

  1. Calcarea carb for fatty, flabby, shy child with fear
    of being observed.
  2. Baryta carb useful in problem with learning,
    bashfulness with history of recurrent tonsillitis.
  3. China helps in patient with abundant idea, with
    mistakes in spelling & general weakness.
  4. Lithium for patient with confusion, impulsivity.
  5. Lycopodium having complaint of mistakes in writing,
    transposition of words, with timidity tendency to bully others to cover up
    their own insecurity.