Infertility and High-Risk Pregnancy go hand in hand.

She is having PCOS, in 1st cycle with 100 mg Clomiphene Citrate (CC), she had OHSS (Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome- where ovaries respond in an unusual excessive manner to the medicines given for increasing the chance of rupture of the eggs). That cycle was cancelled and they were asked to abstain from sexual intercourse.

Next cycle she was given 50 mg CC. This time again she had OHSS. We offered her conversion to IVF but she could not afford.

Surprisingly she conceived and it was single tone pregnancy (we were apprehensive that there may be twin or triplet).

She is beta thalassaemia carrier (but husband normal), so she had severe Anaemia in pregnancy.

She is hypothyroid and was on replacement with L Thyroxine throughout the pregnancy.

First-trimester screening (combined test) showed High Risk for Down Syndrome, so Amniocentesis was done and fortunately, the report came as normal.

By 28 weeks she developed intense itching all over the body, and after blood test, was diagnosed to have Obstetric Cholestasis.

Serial Growth Scan revealed FGR (Fetal Growth Restriction).

Steroid was given to promote lung maturity of the baby and delivery was done at 36 weeks with NICU backup , keeping one unit of blood in hand.Baby boy weighing 2 kg was delivered and cried at birth, did not require NICU.

One unit blood was transfused.

Finally we see her smiling face.

Published with kind written consent from the patient.