In this video article, find a Facebook live session with me, Dr. Devi R on the topic "Infertility in the times of COVID - 19 - Challenges and Solutions"; Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

Highlights of the discussion:

1. Is it really safe to plan a pregnancy or take infertility treatment during this period?

2. If I contract this infection in my pregnancy am I at high risk for complications? Will I miscarry due to the same? Will I have any respiratory complications?

3. Will the baby in my womb get infected too? Are there any long term consequences on my baby if I get infected in pregnancy?

4. What all can I do to reduce my chance of getting infected with this infection during my routine or emergency hospital visits (all medical specialties included)?

5. What are the precautions hospitals must follow to prevent transmission of this virus?

Watch the video to find answers to the above: