Too often, I ask you to limit specific foods to once a week, some to once a month and some to once in 3 months. And poor you, how must you remember all of this? Below is a table to make your life simpler:

Weekly Allowancesi) Packaged and processed foods (chips, cookies, khakra, khari, other biscuits)

ii) Aerated beverages

iii) Coffee post sunset

iv) Alcohol

v) Desserts (Chocolates, candies)

vi) Jams

vii) Fried snacks

NOTE: Pick 1-2 of these cheats for each week as     opposed to having all 8 cheats each week

Monthly AllowancesRed meat

Quarterly Allowancesi) Fast-food joints

ii) Buffet spreads

Neveri) Artificial sweeteners

ii) Any packaged food that uses the words ‘diet”low-fat”no sugar’

Examples: Diet chevda, diet chakri

iii) Diet sodas