Have a lot of eye cosmetics at home and don’t know how to use them?


You know how to use them but you get the feeling that something isn’t suiting your skin?


You know that some eye cosmetic isn’t suiting your skin but you still use it anyway !

If these questions have popped up in your head at any point in your life then read on.

Here are some tips for the frequent eye makeup user and some precautions as stated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) that should be taken when using any eye cosmetics.

1. Before applying the eye makeup:

  • Wash your hands to get rid of any bacteria or viruses that might possibly infect your eyes or the skin around it.
  • If you are using eye lash curlers ensure that they are clean. A quick soapy water rinse should suffice. Make sure that the instrument dries off completely before you put it back in your makeup kit to avoid damage from rust or fungal growth.
  • Don’t use your saliva (yes people do that) or tap water to moisten dried off kajal or mascara. The bacteria from your mouth or tap water may be a potential source of infection. Furthermore, the water can dilute the preservative in the product that is actually meant to ward off the infectious growth.
  • Don't use any cosmetics near your eyes unless they are intended specifically for that use. For instance, don't use a lip liner as an eye liner. You may be exposing your eyes to contamination from your mouth, or to color additives that are not approved for use in the area of the eye
  • Please avoid using age old cosmetics! Manufacturers usually recommend discarding mascara two to four months after purchase. 

2. While applying the eye makeup:

  • Do not rigorously apply the eyeliner. The tip can cause micro trauma (scratches)on the upper eye lid creating a portal of entry for the bacteria.
  • For all those lovely ladies who do their eye make up in a train or cab: Don’t! You  never know when the vehicle breaks and the eyeliner gets into your eye rather than on it!
  • No matter how much you love your mom or aunt or friend(s), avoid sharing make up. Everyone has their own local bacteria. Sharing cosmetics might lead to the sharing of these bacteria as well... and I am sure you don’t want a red eye or infected skin because of this.
  • Check for any signs of irritation (itching, redness, dryness, peeling etc) of your skin around the eyes. Avoid using eye cosmetics if you have an eye infection or the skin around the eye is inflamed. Wait until the area is healed or better yet  visit your dermatologist!

3. After applying the eye makeup:

  • If you feel an itch or a tingling sensation throughout the day or if you think that the skin is getting red, then avoid the use of that particular product. There is a possibility that either you have developed an infection or an allergy. In either case, discarding the cosmetic will be the right thing to do.
  • Keep your cosmetics in a clean pouch or box. Avoid exposure to dirt or dust.
  • Don't store cosmetics at temperatures above 85 degrees F. Cosmetics kept for long periods in hot cars, for example, are more susceptible to deterioration of the preservative.

4. Removing the eye makeup

  • Don’t scrub! Its your skin for crying out loud not a paint palette!  Apply either baby oil or coconut oil and with the help of a soft cotton ball remove the makeup gently. I personally rate this the best way to remove eye makeup and this I say after having used all sorts of “eye makeup removal products”!
  • Use a mild cleansing face wash to remove the excess oil off the skin to avoid acne especially in acne prone oily skin.

A lot of products have come in to the market keeping in mind the “needs” of the quintessential clientele who think that cosmetics are the road to ‘beautiful skin’. Oh please don’t read me wrong... I am not against any cosmetic, but I also believe that even though they help enhance your beauty they are after all chemicals that you are applying on your skin. So it is necessary that you not only acquire the knowledge on how to use them but how to use them according to the needs of your skin. Remember, that at the end of the day, it is your skin that is getting damaged! If you are exposing your skin to cosmetics: know how to clean it as well. Take nothing for granted especially your skin.

I always keep quoting what Erno Laszlo says, “ Beautiful requires commitment and not a miracle!”

Stay committed and see the miracle happen!

-Dr Pradnya Shastri