Yes it is about Healthy Stress without it we can achieve Nothing. This article is dedicated to Mahavir (Dangal). who takes on the might of Rural Haryana and Brings Laurels to India through his daughters,besides Saving his 4 daughters & making them a living Role Model for the Slogan "Save The Girl Child"

Slogans like Beti Bachao Beti Padao through PM Modi are Important but we need living role models.

Just after this movie was released and raving reviews started pouring in, there was a Depressing News about South Delhi taking the lead in Dumping Female Foetuses after aborting them.

This means that PNDT act 1994 has failed us and slogan has not done any wonders either.

We do not know about medical history of Mahavir the father who lived with Stress to see his daughters bring Gold For India in Olympics but through Photographs released after the movie ( he was a non entity !) We as doctors Do Not Feel that He is a Chronic case of Stress Disorder 

Start Living with Healthy Stress to meet the goal.

It is the women, the beaten mothers who take initiatives to Educate Daughters, so that the daughters Do Not have to face Flak of society, though Mothers take it upon themselves and face every hurdle but make sure that The Daughters Carry an Identity of a Degree/ Skill/ Gold medal, before daughters are settled in Holy Matrimony !

It is Enlightening to know that Men Too Face lot too many Obstacles if they want to raise their daughters at par with sons.

We do need Slogans to Save our daughters but we need Motivating & Inspiring Fathers who can take Stress of being Rebuked better than the lonely Mothers on a One tract journey of Educating the daughters.

Healthy Stress does Not raise BP because rewards act as soothing agents.

Healthy stress keeps a person on the toes, makes eat healthy and away from life Style Disorders.

Haryana is as notorious as other progressive states about declining ratio of girls ( 200 girls vs 1000 boys-unofficial but confirmed ).

Also Maximum Gold Medals in International Games have been won by Daughters of this State