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Misconceptions in Sexual Health

Dr. Murthy P S, Psychiatrist
Many people think that Masturbatory Habit ("Hasth Prayog"/"Mutti maar" etc) in males lead to sexual problems after marriage. Medically this concept is not correct and purely its a misconception.Scientifically this misconception spread from generation to generation making man shaky during adolescence and early adult life.Usually parents put this thought into growing young boy to discourage him into too much distracting sexuality by telling that its dangerous to loose sperm which is very important for manhood and loss of it would cause weakness, memory loss, body pains and on long run impotency etc.Thus, the boy in adolescence due to puberty with hormonal changes somehow start the masturbatory act but soon starts feeling guilty and scared. He cannot ask anything about it with parents/teachers or uncles and aunts. No proper sex education when its needed. Even if he stops this act forcible, he may be having "nocturnal emissions" (night wet dreams) which will make him feel bad within himself. He starts attributing many bodily symptoms like weakness, joint pains, paleness of face, no gain in body weight, poor attention and concentration with memory defects to this loss of Sperm. In fact whether used or not sperm will be produced daily in testes from puberty onwards. Its not that by masturbation it gets dried up in anyway. Many times before marriage many men get jittery wondering about possible development of Impotency etc due to his previous masturbatory habit.In fact, nothing happens like that. Boy while developing pubertal changes with penis growth, erections and sperm production and development of sexual desires etc are common and correct at that age. Doing masturbation in a technically correct way is nothing wrong. But overdoing the same/doing in wrong technique/using masturbation for sleep purpose etc are wrong. By doing so, in fact, night emissions may not happen at all. Some people try to cultivate "fast & secretive" type of masturbation due to lack privacy or fears etc which may cause conditioned early timing (habit) of releasing early which may lead to premature ejaculation after marriage.So safely and decisively it should be noted that its  NOTHING WRONG IN MASTURBATION IN CORRECT DOSE AND IN CORRECT FORMAT.Don't yield to such misconceptions and do not develop Psychological E.D. after marriage leading to unhappy and unsatisfactory conjugal life.

Infertility & Impotence: Homeopathic Treatment Is Your Solution

Dr. Satish Erra, Homeopath
"INFERTILITY vs IMPOTENCE"Many believe that being impotent means they are infertile, but there is a difference.Among many closet issues plaguing men and women, erectile dysfunction or male impotence and sexual dysfunction or female impotence tops the chart. Many believe that being impotent means they are infertile. Though these terms are synonymously used, impotence and infertility mean different things. Erectile dysfunction in men refers to the persistent inability to achieve and maintain an erection adequate for satisfactory sexual activity. Females experience sexual dysfunction, which can be defined as the inability to attain or maintain arousal during sexual activity.Infertility refers to the inability to achieve a successful pregnancy. While impotence is not a cause for infertility, it can make conception extremely difficult. Nearly 40 per cent of women experience decreased sexual arousal, diminished vaginal lubrication, pain and discomfort while intercourse and difficulty in achieving orgasm. These are classic symptoms of sexual dysfunction, which dramatically affects fertility too.There are two major reasons for women being averse to sex: Dyspareunia or extreme pain and discomfort in the genital area and vaginismus or an involuntary spasm of muscles around the vagina that causes it to close. Sexual impotence also has psychological roots with anxiety, depression and stress playing a role. Sexual arousal depends on an intricate interplay of psychological, neural, vascular, and endocrine factors. Infertility, on the other hand, could have many reasons. Increased stress due to changing lifestyles in one major cause. Constant stress releases a cocktail of hormones that play havoc with many systems. Stress has been shown to increase the levels of prolactin, a hormone secreted by the pituitary gland. This can hamper ovulation in females and sperm production in males. Hormonal imbalance can also lead to erectile dysfunction. The inability to achieve pregnancy could be due to below par sperm production or due to poor sperm motility.Another negative effect of stress is poly cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) in females, which is a leading cause of infertility. In the urban setting, PCOS is a common disorder characterized by abnormal cysts in the ovaries. Stress releases hormones like adrenaline, which aggravates symptoms of PCOS. If not detected and treated, PCOS leads to infertility, heart disease, kidney dysfunction, and many other ailments.Both impotence and infertility have a negative impact on intimate relationships, quality of life and self esteem. To identify the underlying issues leading to erectile dysfunction in men, initial diagnostic tests include serum glucose test, lipid panel, thyroid stimulating hormone test, and morning total testosterone levels. Female sexual dysfunction is less understood as many women refuse to admit to the problem. There are many ways to treat impotence. The first line of therapy consists of lifestyle changes. Sometimes the cause may be a prescription drug, so a new medication may be necessary. Infertility, on the other hand, could have hormonal roots or there could be structural deformations leading to lower sperm count or poor sperm motility.Fertility treatments involve the use of natural homeopathic medications. With the advent of new techniques that help in easy conception, SPIRITUAL HOMEOPATHY experts insist on a stress-free and healthy lifestyle to prevent fertility-related problems

Lesser Known Health Benefits of Jasmine

Akshay Kumar, Ayurveda
Every person knows about the jasmine because of its popularity. Its flowers are white but somewhere jasmine creeper of yellow flower is found too. Its flowers, leaves and root are used in medicines. Oil and perfume are prepared from its flowers. How Jasmine can be used in managing different diseases-Mouth blisters: Chewing leaves of jasmine like betel leaf cures blisters and all the types of wounds of the mouth.Skin diseases: Jasmine oil is an unerring and magical medicine to cure the skin diseases. Poisoning wounds, burning sensation, scabies and itching and many types of diseases are cured soon by applying it.Impotency and early ejaculation: Boil equal quantity of jasmine leaves’ juice and sesame oil together until oil remains only. Rubbing this oil on the penis twice a day regularly is useful to end impotency and early ejaculation.Blood piles: Boil equal quantity of juice of jasmine leaves and sesame oil together until it remains oil only. Applying this oil on the anus daily 2-3 times a day is useful to cure blood piles.Headache: Apply jasmine oil on the forehead or coat paste of its flowers on the forehead. Using this process is useful to end headache.Fistula: Grind jasmine leaves, banyan’ leaves, tinospora, dry ginger and black salt with thick whey. Applying this mixture on the affected part cures fistula.Ringworm: Grind jasmine leaves and coat it on the ringworm or any skin diseases. It is useful to cure the skin diseases.Nodes: Apply fresh juice of jasmine leaves or tie powder of jasmine flower on the nodes; it ends nodes. 

First Night Failure

Dr. Ramesh Maheshwari, Sexologist
The First Night or “honeymoon night” of marriage traditionally means the first sexual encounter for an Indian couple. It is the moment when society legally permits the consummation of the union of man with women. The first night is the most awaited night in one’s life.Unfortunately, as sexologists, we come across a large number of clients failing on their night. The ‘First Night Failure’ often results in sexual dysfunctions, social maladjustments, marital disharmony and even divorce.Why failure?The first night has been given special importance from ancient days. Our Sanskrit Literature gives detailed descriptions and exotic fantasies woven around the first night. In the Kumar Sambhava, Kalidasa takes liberty in describing the love dalliance of the newly wedded Shiv and Uma.Our cinema has furthermore, glorified the first night. The entry of the Bridegroom in the decorated bedroom, flower bedecked beds, the bride, veil, glass of milk, sweets and the magic moment begins! Today, a large number of novels in vernacular languages are available under erotic titles glamourizes the sexual raptures of the First Night. So, the first night becomes the most special night of a young couple’s life i.e the ‘Golden Night’.In our culture, till today in many parts of India, adolescent boys and girls are not allowed to interact with each other socially especially once the girls attain puberty. Marriages are fixed by elders. There is hardly any change of courting. The first night, in reality, becomes the ‘First Encounter’ to know each other.         Some young individuals are scared to death about their performance on the first night. Their fear is doubled by misguiding friends, yellow books, white self-advertised pamphlets by quacks and blue films. They have a feeling of sexual inadequacy, ’Kamjori’ or believe that they have become impotent and life has come to an end.One of the most worrying question on a man’s mind whether on the ‘First Night’ he will succeed in breaking the ‘virginal seal’ with a bang, as this is supposed to make a successful marriage. Because of this Fear, many eligible bachelors avoid marriage.Sometimes they end up buying so called sex tonic advertised in lay press or even rejuvenators even prescribed by consultants. To avoid ‘first night’ Failures some of them even visit prostitutes to test their potency!A woman enters into the first night with anxiety, tension, fear and a variety of other emotions. The greatest worry on the mind of the bride is how she will fare in the ‘virginity test’.Virginity is considered a virtue. It is a sign of purity. In some societies, the couple is expected to show the bed cover stained with blood after first night, as proof of Virginity!Thus, the bedroom, instead of being the foundation for developing tenderness, care, warmth, affection, life-long love, pleasure bond, trust, intimacy, and relationship, turns into a laboratory for testing potency and virginity.The west got the honeymoon problem i.e. first night failures. One does not even find a mention of first night failure in any standard text book of sexual medicine or in Diagnostic and Statistical manual(DSM-IV)Thoughts of the developed countriesDr Wadell B Pomeroy, Co-author of the Kinsey’s report, describes premarital intercourse as a training ground for marriage. Lessons learnt without feeling of guilt and fear and the knowledge of good techniques, go a long way in developing relationship. Urge to have intercourse is like any other urges, e.g. playing tennis, swimming or dancing, riding a horse or doing anything which gives pleasure. Premarital intercourse, unlike masturbation, is a means of interaction with another human being and consequently is a means of learning how to live with people. Sometimes, it is learnt too late after marriage that they are not suited to each other sexually.PrevalenceThe ‘first night’ performance as still an important event in one’s life. Failure can lead to disaster!It is difficult to statistically because of want of actual reporting and documentation. One can say 20% to 30% of couples who seek sex therapy have failed on their first night or at the time of first sexual contact.AetiologyThe sexual behavior in a human being is the outcome of learning and conditioning Sex being considered a taboo, there is hardly any opportunity for learning. Therefore, ignorance, myths, and misconceptions about sex prevail. The most common etiology factor for first night failure in marriage is ignorance about male and female anatomy and facts of sex act. Some couples have unrealistic expectations of sex act.Other causes of first night failure is tight foreskin in male, tough hymen in female and dyspareunia, etc.First Night BluesPsychologicalInadequate sexual informationRestrictive upbringingsex is dirtywomen who enjoy sex are disreputableGuiltSexual mythsFear of pain, failure, not satisfying partnerFear of STD/HIV/AIDSOrganicDysfunction in the partner e.g.vaginismusTight foreskinIf failure occurs on the first attempt, the first thing comes in mind ‘Am I impotent?’ The more he tries. The more he fails. He feels something is terribly wrong with him. He feels that due to his past habit of masturbation, he has lost his vitality, vigour and potency. He stops furture sexual advances. It starts a vicious cycle of performance anxiety and ‘spectatorating’ and failure.ConsequencesThey may avoid sexual activity.They may continue to have only foreplay.They may have good relationship in other aspects of life.Some may suffer from anxiety/depression.ImpotencyThey may make allegations at each other leading to marital conflicts, separation or divorce.    

What Are Homeopathics? Why Use Homeopathics?

Dr. Sameer Kumar Singh, Homeopath
What are Homeopathics?Homeopathic remedies (also called homeopathics) are a system of medicine based on three principles:Like cures likeFor example, if the symptoms of your cold are similar to poisoning by mercury, then mercury would be your homeopathic remedy.Minimal DoseThe remedy is taken in an extremely dilute form; normally one part of the remedy to around 1,000,000,000,000 parts of water.The Single RemedyNo matter how many symptoms are experienced, only one remedy is taken, and that remedy will be aimed at all those symptoms.Similar principals form the basis of conventional allergy treatment, where the allergic substance is given in a small dose, and in vaccines where an impotent form of the virus is given to bolster the immune system against that particular virus.Why use Homeopathics?Homeopathy has become one of the most widely used systems of medicine in the world.This success is fueled by several factors:Homeopathy is extremely effective. When the correct remedy is taken, results can be rapid, complete and permanent.Homeopathy is completely safe. Even babies and pregnant women can use Homeopathy without the danger of side effects. Homeopathic remedies can also be taken alongside other medication without producing unwanted side effects.Homeopathy is natural. Homeopathic remedies are normally based on natural ingredients.Homeopathy works in harmony with your immune system, unlike some conventional medicines which suppress the immune system. (For example, cough medicines suppress the cough reflex, which is your body’s attempt to clear the lungs)Homeopathic remedies are not addictive – once relief is felt, you should stop taking them. If no relief is felt, you are probably taking the wrong homeopathic remedy.Homeopathy is holistic. It treats all the symptoms as one, which in practical terms means that it addresses the cause, not the symptoms. This often means that symptoms tackled with Homeopathy do not recur.But there is a catch…Every silver lining has a cloud, and there are two main barriers to the effective use of homeopathy:Prescribing the right homeopathic remedy takes a little more time and patience than conventional medicine. Exactly the right remedy needs to be taken for your symptoms. There is no such thing as a standard homeopathic headache remedy (though, sadly that doesn’t mean no such product is sold…).The remedy you take has to be matched to your particular headache – where it occurs, what brings it on, what type of pain it is, what aggravates it, what makes it feel worse, your state of mind and what other symptoms you experience.The sheer range of remedies in use can cause practical problems for an average sized pharmacy. If the right remedy is not one of 30 or so commonly used remedies, they can be difficult to obtain.

Can Quitting Smoking Improve Your Sex Life?

Dr. A. V. Lohit, Sexologist
Smoking has a fatal effect on both sexual as well as reproductive health. Smoking not only affects reproductive capability of parents but also causes cancer and other fatal diseases in children by causing mutations in genes and chromosomes.Smoking’s Effect on Sex:Smoking has both a long term and a short term effect on smoker’s ability and desire to have sex:“But instantly, after just one cigarette, the bodies ability to function decreases, which means erections can be a problem.”It also affects libido and general desire, as smoking massively effects the hormonal balance, and testosterone levels are responsible for libido."Smoking long term damages the blood vessels and moderate arterial insufficiency is a precondition for most impotence. Once this state is reached, impotence may persist as long as smoking continues, and may persist despite quitting if the vascular damage is severe.”Most young people who begin smoking Vogue will start as teenagers or begin the habit during their 20′s or 30′s. They don’t think of the health implications smoking can cause later in life, such as erectile dysfunction.Health effects of smoking have been well documented over the last two decades by the American Heart Association and other groups promoting abstinence from smoking , due to the effects of lung damage caused from inhaling the toxic smoke from cigarettes, the increased chances of developing heart disease and arterial sclerosis or hardening of the arteries, lung cancer, emphysema and other health related issues due to prolonged exposure to smoking.How smoking can lead to erectile dysfunction have previously not been well documented to the public outside of medical journals. Male impotence has always been discussed both in medical journals and mainstream media as a condition that impacts men between the ages of 50 to 65, due to the effects of aging and stress.Erectile Dysfunction is caused by a lack of blood flow to the penis to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse. In the case of smoking, inhaling the carcinogen-laden smoke over a long period of time, can lead to ED as it impacts the ability of the heart to pump the massive amount of blood needed to achieve and maintain an erection, while arterial sclerosis or hardening of the arteries, also caused by smoking, slows the flow of blood to the penis, thus diminishing the hardness of the male’s erection or preventing the man from achieving an erection at all.As the heart has to work harder to pump blood, it can become weaker and less blood reaches the penis, thus impacting the strength, stamina and frequency of the erections.Effects of smoking on male sexual health:• Smoking for a long time can make a man impotent permanently.A number of studies show that smoking is one of the major causes of erectile dysfunction.Toxins found in cigarettes can cause dangerous harms to testes.Smoking decreases sperm density, total sperm count, total number of motile sperm and citrate concentration in spermsIt changes sperm morphology, sperm vitality and ejaculated volume of semenSmoking affects the semen and the sperm, reducing their quality.Effects of smoking on the female sexual health:Smoking accelerates the loss of reproductive function in females.Many harmful substance founds in cigarettes may harm the ovaries completely.It causes early menopause.Women who smoke tend to suffer abnormal menstrual patterns and discharge, and more pain over several days.It increases the risk of spontaneous abortion and ectopic pregnancy.Smoking causes mutations in ovum and effects reproductive capability.Studies show that women who smoke or have smoked in the past may encounter difficulties getting pregnant with the chances of conceiving being decreased by up to 40% for each menstrual cycle.Infertility is highly attributed to smoking in smoking women.Increase differences in sexual behavior.It is hardly possible for a smoking woman to arouse passion in a man, because men genetically direct their attention to the tenderness of a woman voice, her fresh complexion and shine of her eyes. And smoking adversely affects a females voice, complexion, and shine of her eyes.Smoking is worth giving up. Otherwise you risk your sexual health, over all health, your sex life and health of your future children. Is a cigarette more important for you than your coming sweet baby?

Gender Scripts, Media, and Sexuality

Rajat Kaur Thukral
There are many gender specific role assumptions for men and women in every culture. For example, men are supposed to be strong and unemotional and women should be nurturing. According to the cognitive-social learning theory, individuals learn gender specific script early on in life from one’s own environment. Individuals tend to model other people in their lives or by watching television or reading magazines. The theory can be applied to sexual attitudes and behaviours as well. Learning gender specific sexual attitudes and behaviors from others has its advantages and disadvantages. One is likely to feel more accepted by the peer group which helps in building one’s self-esteem. But there are various negative consequences, such as, double standards for men and women, impact on women, and society does not appreciate expression of non-traditional forms of sexuality of LGBTQ population.In this day and age, there is a widespread impact of internet and other media channels on sexuality of the viewers. With the advancement of technology there has been bombardment of sexually explicit images and messages on internet, social media, newspapers, music videos, movies, television programs, and advertisements. There is a general trend of portraying women as sexy and attractive.  Women’s body has been objectified to attract men. According to recent survey, 80% of the pictures on the internet are of naked women. Men mostly appear to be dominant and leading whereas females were depicted as passive objects of desire. Music videos and movies capture the young audiences effectively and they are being targeted with these sexualized images which have long lasting impact on their developing identities and sexuality. The impact of sexually explicit content in mass media is pervasive and uncontrolled as they tend to get subliminally registered in the subconscious mind without one’s awareness.  Overall, there are differences between the sexual fantasy, sexual arousal, and expression of sexuality between men and women. These differences are based on various biological, psychological, social, cultural, and developmental factors. These differences are exacerbated and reinforced by the mass media that has long lasting impact on psyche of the audiences. People form sexual beliefs and attitudes subconsciously and unquestionably. This can positively or negatively impact their sexual expectations from oneself or from their partners. These implicit attitudes can have strong impact on relationship satisfaction between couples. When each individual in a relationship becomes aware of one’s beliefs related to sexuality, only then one will be able to become more comfortable with one’s own sexuality and truly respect their partner’s choices.There are certain myths in each society about gender specific roles and sexuality. Here are some stereotypes that are commonly observed in our culture and the possible effects of adhering to such gender scripts.Women do not engage in pre-marital sex.  In India, there is a huge power differential between the sexes and high restrictive standards for women’s sexuality.  Indian culture restricts women to experience sex before marriage.  Women who adhere to such gender specific sexual norm are more likely to perceive sex for reproductive function and not as a source for pleasure. They may run the risk of not having much awareness about their own sexuality which can have consequences for their later marital satisfaction. Women who do not adhere to such gender norms may feel more ashamed or guilty for engaging in premarital sex. Also, they may also feel that there are double standards in the society about sexuality for men and women and may feel the need to rebel against those standards and use sex as a medium for empowerment and liberation.Men are dominant and women are submissive in sex.  Men and women who adhere to these gender scripts are more likely to engage in heterosexual relationships with power imbalance.  Such couples are also more likely to prefer having sex in missionary pose.  Men and women who do not adhere to such gender script are more likely to experiment with their sexuality.  They may engage in trying different sexual positions, different partners, and use more sexual tools to enhance their experience.  Men who do not like to be in dominant role may be judgmentally perceived as more feminine and women who like being in dominant role may be perceived as more masculine.  This may impact their sexual preferences and sexual satisfaction.Men are sexually overactive and women are undersexed.  This is the most common assumption about gender specific sexuality.  It is portrayed in media and internet all around the world. Men who tend to adhere to this assumption are more likely to have multiple relationships and may have difficulties in committing to monogamous relationships. Men who may not adhere to that assumption are more likely to run the risk of being perceived as sexually impotent by their partners. Also, women who may like to have sex frequently may be perceived as more sexually promiscuous. Women may have a hard time asking one’s own partner to have sex. In couples, where both man and woman adhere to such gender specific stereotypes, are not likely to achieve satisfactory sexual intimacy as the woman in the relationship may not feel the need for sex due to repression. Also, the woman in such relationship is more likely to accept the extramarital affairs of her partner.  Hence, it is important to note that these gender scripts can have long-lasting impact on an individual’s sexual life. The cognitive-social theory contends that gender-specific norms are reinforced or internalized at a very young age. Boys and girls get rewarded or punished based on their selection of gender specific behaviors and attitudes. Boys are taught to engage in competitive sports or other physical activities early on, whereas girls are taught to focus on emotions and care-taking of others. Girls learn to be submissive at an early age and are also prohibited to have sex before marriage. So, the girls are more likely to fantasize more emotionally about sex and have more submissive themes in their fantasy. One way of transcending these rigid gender specific role attitudes and behaviors is to integrate both feminine and masculine aspects in each individual. Androgyny is the term that is used to describe an individual with masculine and feminine characteristics. Androgynous individuals who tend to integrate both masculine and feminine aspects of behavior are free to choose attitudes and behaviors that are not predetermined by the larger socio-cultural gender scripts. They are more likely to be comfortable with their own sexuality and can be respectful of other people’s choices. There is an emotional and a physical aspect to sexual intimacy. Androgynous individuals are comfortable in balancing both as they do not inhibit one aspect of oneself and allow full expression of their individuality and sexuality.ReferenceCrooks, R. & Baur, K. (2011). Our Sexuality (11th Ed.). Belmont, CA: Thompson Wadsworth.