In vitro fertilization popularly known as "IVF", is a boon to the couples of current generation who are unable to conceive naturally but are ready to put on their best efforts to get conceived.As compared to earlier times, we obstetricians and gynecologists are coming across more of couples suffering with infertility rather than for coming for deliveries as used to happen with our senior OBGyns!

I want to clear certain common myths and taboos we face with couples who are left with option of IVF in order to have progeny.

The most important thing is that even with IVF "nobody" , can guarantee 100% positive pregnancy.It is not completely about the doctors or the quality of lab but the ability of embryo,uterus and so many factors are involved to result in pregnancy.Even best of the centers can claim upto 30-40% of success rates per embryo.

One more important thing about ivf I would like to highlight is that there are various medicolegal procedures ,permissions and rules involved during establishing a infertility center right from an ultrasound machine up till handling gametes/embryos/conducting any proceedure in the center. It is not easy to interchange or exchange different patient's gametes or embryos without appropriate consent of the couple and explanation to them.It is because of this PHOBIA that many couples withdraw themselves from the BEST POSSIBILITY of having a child , withdraw themselves from approaching an ivf center.Kindly visit the chosen hospital/ center, clear all your doubts with the doctor, you can also interact with hospital staff, feel comfortable and then get the procedure done instead of being left behind due to unnecessary misbeliefs.

Coming to the next important issue that is your medical history.Do give your complete health history including any diseases who had suffered from childhood or any medications you had used or also about family history of various health conditions during doctor to patient councelling as each and every aspect of this is important.

For example, childhood history of mumps can effect your current ability to conceive, similarly history of tuberculosis or asthma, use of medications like steroids  or anti depressants or thyroid medications etc as that plays major role in current treatment planning. All responsible centers would take care of the confidentiality.

We also come across patients not revealing complete treatment history related to infertility .If you want appropriate results and management you have to inform all the medicines and procedures you have undergone as it is very much necessary in order to plan the dosage/medicines and the whole process of iui/ivf.

When you are going for ivf treatment don't stress yourself ,be calm ,be patient and no need to panic as the actual proceedure would cause minimal or mild discomfort and most of it is pain less.

Never lose hope as there is always a possibility of conceiving until menopause!