Winter causes dry and flaky skin. Dry skin causes itchiness and is more prone to eczema or boils and worsens other skin conditions like psoriasis etc. Here are a few tips to take care of your skin during winters:

  • Apply coconut oil, the gold standard of all moisturizers, now available as a cold pressed version with the added goodness of Vitamin E. It protects your skin in winters from wear and tear and maintains shine and immunity of the skin. 
  • Go for short baths, and water should be lukewarm too hot water harms the skin.
  • Don't avoid baths but, avoid your regular soaps, use body washes with moisturizing factors instead. 
  • Moisturizers should be applied immediately after bath for best results.
  • For very dry skin, you need heavy moisturizers or prescription-based lotions.
  • Wear gloves and socks if temp less than 10.C.
  • Patients with atopic or other eczemas need more care in winters than others.
  • Eat coconut, almonds, til (sesame seeds), olives, etc. as these provide nourishment from inside.