It's time to stop those tip-toe trips to the fridge for a midnight snack. Here's how you can avoid the post-bingeing guilt:

Want cake? Eat it!

Crazy as it may sound, dieting is not the path to a binge-free life. Think of it this way, you crave what you deprive. So the more limitations you put on your diet, the more likely you are to crave precisely those things. The solution is not deprivation, it's moderation. If you're craving for cake, then go get yourself a small piece. Eat it and savor it slowly. Don't classify your foods as good or bad; eat everything but in moderation.

Don't hate yourself

A bingeing episode is almost always followed by feelings of shame and guilt. Your brain might prompt you to neutralize this by reaching for what makes you happy. And we all know nothing triggers those happy hormones (endorphins) better than sugar. If you give in, you're back to where you started. So the next time you binge, don't cringe.

Just walk away

Binge eating is mostly triggered by the availability of food. If you find yourself in a place where you are surrounded by potential deal breakers, just change your environment. Walk away, and don't look back.

Breaking a brutal binge-eating habit is like scaling Mount Everest. It's physically and mentally exhausting. You will encounter a few food avalanches along the way, but don't give in, keep climbing because the end result is worth it!