Many cases of eyestrain among children after online classes have started are rising. “Cases are definitely rising and some are even detected with computer vision syndrome. Children are reporting with issues of blurring of vision, dry eyes, hyper irritable and headache.

Precautions during online classes

  • Turn down the brightness and turn up the contrast of the screen settings. 
  • Check the distance between the screen and your eyes while you are sitting. It should be between 20" and 30" away. 
  • Adjust the screen so that there's no tilt
  •  Position it so the top is just below eye level.

Exercises for Eye Strain relief

  • Flexing - Flexing is an eye exercise that stretches and strengthens the occular muscles in the eye. 
  • Blinking - If you are an avid VDU (Visual Display User) user, blinking is a great form of exercise to reduce eye strain. 
  • Focusing Near and Far
  • Palming
  • Zooming 
  • Figure of Eight
  • Rest