Geriatric population become less responsive to thirst cues, leaving their mouth dehydrated, the general remedies given below will help everyone:

  1. Keep yourself well hydrated by drinking plenty of water and only limitation being heart, liver and kidney patients needing moderation.
  2. Limit caffeine and alcohol consumption.
  3. Use a humidifier while you sleep to help boost moisture in your mouth and on your skin.
  4. Consuming watermelon,cucumbers, peaches, nectarines and even popsicle ensures your well hydrated.
  5. Drinking papaya juice adds the much-needed enzyme to your saliva. (A perfect fruit for diabetics as well, again with moderation and as advised by your dietician)
  6. Load yourself up with lots of lemonade. It stimulates your salivary activity.
  7. Brush your teeth and dentures regularly.
  8. Use mouth rinses that are alcohol-free.
  9. Gargle with club soda or water and salt 3-4 times a day.