Water can very easily enter your ears while taking a bath, specially a vigorous shower or after a swim. The Holi Festival in India is a time when water can easily enter the ears because of the use of Pichkaris and water balloons etc.

If you have ever had water in your ear canal you will understand the discomfort and intense irritation it can cause, and there is a desire to instantly get rid of it! Apart from the discomfort, in case the water stays in the ear for a longer period it can lead to an inflammation of the ear canal as well as cause an ear infection - specially a fungal infection of the ear. 

This is s simple problem so you don't want to go rushing to the doctor for a solution. There are some home remedies you can try - 

  1. Use the power of Vacuum (or negative pressure) to remove the water as shown below -  
  • Use a Hair Dryer against your external ear opening to help dry up the water.
  • Instill drops containing alcohol, or alcohol based after shave lotion into the ear - this spirit will help to evaporate as will as dislodge the water.
  • Do the Valsalva  Manoeuvre by closing your nostrils and blowing air against your ears - like blowing a balloon. This helps in pushing out the eardrum and can help remove the water.
  • Simply use Gravity - just tilt your head to one side and gently thump the head on the topmost side - this should help slide the water out of the ear canal.
  • One thing I must caution against is the use of hydrogen peroxide in the ear canal - it is a highly volatile substance and i would not recommend it's use- specially if you have a pre-existing perforation in your tympanic membrane, you may permanently damage your hearing.

    It is possible that in spite of your best efforts the ear continues to remain blocked - the usual cause of this is accumulation of wax in the ear canal. Water enters the ear canal and attaches itself to the wax - this causes the wax to swell up and block the ear canal. In this case you will have to go to the ENT Specialist to have the wax taken out. So, in case your ear continues to be blocked in spite of your attempts, do not hesitate or delay going to the ENT Doctor in your vicinity.

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