How to get a shapely butt? That’s a question many women ask. But its valid for men too. Besides vanity, its great for your health. So, besides telling you how to get a shapely butt, we’ll tell you why you should. We’re not talking size zero now…

A great backside is about having shapely gluteal muscles, and having a good waist to hip ratio. The good news is that its not all genetic. The right waist to hip ratio not only make you look great in a pair of jeans (we all love those) but also helps you reduce your chances of many diseases. Studies have shown that a waist to hip ratio (WHR) is a strong determinant of your heart health. The better your WHR, the lower your risk of cardiovascular disease. Besides lowering your risk of cardiac disease an ideal WHR is also considered an indicator of fertility, in both men and women.

What a good waist to hip (WHR) ratio?

To calculate your waist to hip ratio, measure your waist and your hips, and divide the waist measurement by the hips. The ideal WHR for women should be less than 0.85 and that for men less than 1.

Don’t measure up? Don’t worry! To get a great butt like a model, you need to do 2 things- 
1.Manage your diet
2.Do the right exercises. Both should help to give butt a nice athletic shape.

As Indians, we are prone to belly fat, so to improve your WHR lets reduce your tummy first. Don’t waste your time on crunches. Go for a run- it’ll help you burn calories, reduce belly fat and build some leg muscles, which includes the glutes- the butt muscle :). Read some running tips and hazards especially in India. Just reducing your waist, will help you improve your health and WHR.

If you’re skinny, then you need to build those glutes. Start with doing squats and lunges. Below, we’ve got a video of how to do a squat. 

If this is too easy for you, then do a weighted squat. Hold dumbbells on your side and perform the same movement. A lunge is basically like a giant step. Take a large step forward with the left leg and step into it till your left thigh is parallel to the floor and your right knee is right above the ground. Return to the standing position and repeat with the other leg. Similar to the squat, if its too easy, hold dumbbells in your hands, while performing the lunge.
Both these muscle work the leg muscles, along with the gluteal muscles (butt muscles). Perform 3-4 sets of each exercise, with 10-15 repetitions in each set. Do this 2-3 times a week, and you should be on your way to a great butt!

Along with these exercises and running, stair climbing build great leg muscles and burns fat! So, build that shapely bum and look good in pretty much anything you wear, or nothing .Get to know some easily available fat burning foods.

Last but not the least, the right posture adds a lot to a make your body shapely. Slouching puts pressure on your lower back. Do these lower back exercises to improve posture.