How to gain weight or gain muscle? .. is a very common question. More specifically, men ask how to gain muscle & weight, and women ask just how to gain weight. To gain weight the healthy way, you need to get on a weight gain plan – that helps you gain some muscle also- this applies for both men and women.Honestly, gaining muscle or gaining weight is not magic. But gaining muscle a science, and you’ve got to know how to gain weight or how to gain muscle correctly. So, to make gaining muscle weight simple for you, we have our top tips to gain muscle weight. These are the main cornerstones to gaining muscle weight. So, pay attention and follow them for weight gain results: Nutrition: Eat more, eat right. Basically, to gain weight, you need to eat more calories than your metabolic rate, i.e. the number of calories your body currently consumes on a normal basis. Key: Eat well and eat often :)Exercise: Yes, you must exercise. By just eating more calories, you will gain weight, but most of it will be fat, which is unhealthy weight. To gain healthy weight, i.e. muscle weight, you need to exercise. But exercise can be used to lose weight and to gain weight. To gain weight, try this list of exercises- they will help you gain muscle, gain healthy weight and overall give your body a better shape: Push ups, Squats. Supplements: With just food and exercise, weight gain can take its time. To gain weight fast, weight gain supplements are very helpful. They contain a combination of supplements that increase your calorie intake and help you gain weight effectively. These are two effective weight gain supplements: Massive Weight Gain, Jumbo Weight Gainer. Sleep: We told you about nutrition to gain weight, exercises that will help you gain weight, and weight gain supplements. Last but not the least, sleep is extremely important to gaining weight and for your health. Sleep let’s your body and muscles rest. When they get rest, muscles grow. So, make sure you are well rested.