Be it birthdays or anniversaries, nothing says congratulations better than a chocolate cake. Everyone loves it and it gets gobbled up as soon as the first cut is initiated. It is not hard to finish off as much as is served to you or even more if luck favours it.

The only feeling which overtakes the ecstatic bliss is the guilt of gluttony. You wake up in the middle of the night worried that you will not be able to fit into your favourite dress!We are not inferring that you give up your sumptuous chocolate cake as it will result in unfavourable outcomes later on but that once you have indulged in it what can be done to make it a guilt free experience? The simple universal answer to this query is to burn off the extra calories consumed so that it does not cause any changes in your body!

We will now begin to give you an idea of how to go about burning your chocolate cake calories. Chocolate cakes can really vary in their calorific value, depending on how they're made. They are usually loaded with oil/butter and sugar and all the chocolaty goodness. So, we'll take a simple chocolate cake with some icing and cream- the standard birthday cake. One slice of this cake has a calorific value of 200-400 calories. Now, don't go and eat a whole Mississippi mud pie and assume it was one serving. We're talking just one slice of chocolate cake. No ice cream included. Also, a slice is very subjective.

Let’s take a cake piece that's 250 calories. Say you land up eating 2 pieces of cake. That's 500 calories. Burning up 100 calories is no big deal- a 1 mile run will take care of it. But 500 calories, now that's a bit of a task. 

To burn 500 calories, you need to do either of the following:

  • Row for 55 minutes
  • Run for 5 miles
  • Box for 45 minutes.
  • One hour intense aerobics class.

Next time you want guilt free gluttony, just workout enough to compensate for the extra calorie intake and you should be good to fit into any of your regular clothes without a worry line on your head.