We ensure that most of our meals are healthy. The problem comes when we crave food in between meals. If you feel hungry so often then you certainly need to watch out as eating more food whether healthy or junk leads to weight gain.

The biggest trouble with in between snacking is that one craves something that is satisfying and ready to eat. Unfortunately we don't find having salads or fruits as snacks satisfying enough. While junk food or fattening foods manage to hit the spot, instantly satisfying the hunger pang. Gradually these small food breaks stop having the same satiating effect. After sometime the portion size increases  giving way to more food cravings and constant need to eat something Most of the times this snacking is psychological, as in we condition ourselves to feeling hungry even after having proper meals. Here are some reasons and tips to keep the hunger pangs in control, making you eat less.

  • Untimely Meals: Not having meals on time is a big factor in making you feel hungry at odd times . The body follows no patterns and gets used to giving a call at random times which pushes us to eat more than a usual meal. Time your meals and eat food with high fiber and protein to keep you feeling fuller
  • Breakfast: People who don't have a balanced and satisfying breakfast often find themselves binging at odd time. The dissatisfaction of the previous meal  makes the mind want for more and eating unhealthy. Have a good nutritious breakfast with satisfying food
  • Psychological Factor: Sometimes its a psychological hunger and not real hunger. Read here to know how your brain might be making you fat. Next time you feel hungry right after eating a meal try drinking two glasses of water. The water will work just as well in taking care of your hunger just like any snack
  • Water: Often the lack of water in the body sends the message of hunger to the brain making us want to eat more. Drink some water and see if you are still feeling hungry or  not
  • Loneliness: Sometimes people look at food as a substitute for boredom or loneliness. Maybe instead of turning to food you can look at various activities or hobbies to get you involved and keep you busy

Understand your body and know when it is actually hungry or just craving food for comfort. This will help you binge less. Also sometimes not having a set routine  pushes you to consume more calories. Get some exercise and ensure you are getting enough sleep.  Consume less of junk food and sweetened soda as it also makes you crave for more food and increases appetite.