Let’s understand why: 

One of the leading causes of undergoing random food cravings is NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCIES! It is our body’s unique way of indicating that we’re in a frantic need of some nutrient.

Something we’re all unaware about is that each type of craving can signify a different macro/micro nutrient deficiency in our body. We have put down some common cravings that we go through and what do they actually signify:

Chocolate cravings:

Chocolate is one of the most common food craving that many people experience on a regular basis. Being deficient in magnesium can make you want chocolate. Including the following magnesium rich sources in your diet can help you reduce the cravings. Magnesium deficiency can be cured by indulging in its rich sources like raw cocoa (dark chocolate), avocados, nuts and legumes. 

High carb food cravings:

Cravings for high carb foods such as bread or pasta can be linked to two micronutrients namely, nitrogen and chromium. Nitrogen can be derived from foods high in protein that are soya, pulses and animal products. Foods rich in chromium are fruits and vegetables like broccoli, sweet potato, apple, tomato, cinnamon and lettuce.

Salty food cravings:

Cravings for French Fries or chips can be linked to Chloride deficiency or even dehydration. This can be fixed by hydrating your body with fluids with some salt/lime juice and can be fixed with celery, olives and tomato.

Cheese Cravings:

A lot of cheese craving can indicate that our body is deficient in calcium or Essential Fatty Acids. Restoring your body with rich sources of each is a good way to curb this. Considering adding omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) from sources like walnuts, flaxseeds and fish oils is a good idea to replenish. Calcium sources like ragi, sesame seeds, milk and milk products. 

Soda/Fizzy drinks: 

Craving for soda or carbonated drinks is a big indicator of calcium deficiency. Eating calcium rich sources like kale, ragi, nuts, milk and milk products can restore the stores.