Our appearance plays a huge role in our confidence and happiness without a doubt. Every individual is unique and beautiful in their appearance. However, there are a number of effects that have a direct impact on our appearance like that from ageing, prolonged illnesses or sudden shock. One such effect is hair loss. This is where modern medicine comes to the rescue with its multitude of options like getting a hair transplant as a treatment of permanent hair loss.

Making the decision to go in for a hair transplant is an important one, and should be taken after taking a number of factors into consideration, including finding the right hair transplant specialist to perform the procedure. Of course, everyone who decides to go in for this procedure wants to find out who is the best doctor for hair transplant in India, so that they can get the procedure done by them.

You may not have to go to such lengths as it is very easy to find the right doctor in your own city, only if you take care of checking the following details thoroughly :

1. Credentials of the Surgeon – It is extremely critical to understand that hair transplant is a medical surgical procedure. Even though there may be a number of people claiming to be a hair transplant doctor, you must ensure that the one you are going with is qualified to perform the surgery. They must have a M.Ch. from a good university to be legally allowed to perform the hair transplant.

2. Competence and Experience – Once you have shortlisted the doctors on the basis of their credentials, it is important to find out their experience in the specific type of surgery you are looking at. A good hair transplant doctor may be specialized in FUT, whereas you are looking for FUE. Thus, it will be a mismatch. It is better to find someone who has extensive experience in performing FUE in this specific instance. 

3. Skill Updation – While a doctor may have had a training in certain procedures, it is good to find out about their involvement in medical conferences and seminars on the topic. This helps to figure out whether they are updated with the latest developments in their chosen field. Anupdated professional may give you much better advice and treatment than someone who isn’t updated.

4. Reputation and Reviews – A very good indicator to find out about the hair transplant specialist, is to go through reviews and feedback from their previous patients. The surgeon may be good at their job, but if they cannot make patients comfortable, there are always chances of a problem happening during the procedure. So, it is better to find out what the previous patients think from online forums, medical websites as well as personal meetings with the patients if possible.

5. Commitment for procedures – A hair transplant is an extensive and time consuming procedure. The time commitment of the doctor and their availability should be a big indication of whether or not to go with them. If a doctor has a lot of appointments, chances are higher they will leave the procedure to their assistants at some point or the other. Hence, it is important to know how many procedures they conduct in a day.

6. Aesthetic Sense – Like any other plastic surgery procedure, hair transplants have a huge impact on how you look. Thus, when you search for the best doctor for hair transplant in India, one factor you must consider is their aesthetic sense. It is important for your final appearance after the procedure which may impact your confidence as well.   

Why Choose Us? 

We at ALCS strive to bring our clients the best of the procedures in their own city and ensure that our services remain value for money. Our dedicated team of some of the best hair transplant specialists in the country can guarantee you a treatment in a friendly and hygienic environment. However, what we pride ourselves in is the fact that each of our patients gets a customized line of treatment for them, where our experts understand their specific needs before suggesting them any procedure. World class aftercare is another of our specializations.