Are you suffering from back pain? Do you know how it started? How it happened to you and not to your colleagues?

These are the few questions which you all must be thinking all the time. Now a days back pain is very common in all the desk workers even at the age of 25. Today I would like to suggest you all few preventive measures to avoid such back pain.

  1. CHAIR: The chair at your workplace plays a very important role for back pain, The chair should be properly arched at lower back area or you should at least be using proper pillow to support your back when your working. Continuous sitting on a chair without taking back support puts a lots of pressure on your back and eventually leading to spinal issues.
  2. HEIGHT OF DESK: The height of your desk should be a little above than your armrest, so that while working your elbow is properly supported and you can seat upright with proper back rest, to avoid stress to your spine.
  3. POSITION OF COMPUTER:Computer should be placed at your eye level neither above nor below ,to avoid stress on your neck and indirectly to your back. It should be right in front of you and not on sides, to avoid continuous twisting of back while working.
  4. BREAK :Always change your posture after 15-20 mins of work,{ stretch your back, turn on either side, stand, take a short walk}. Avoid sitting with weight bearing on one hand as that is also a reason to cause your back to curve on either side.
  5. STRENGTHENING/ STRETCHING :Always go for good strengthening and stretching exercises for your leg muscles, as it has  direct relation with back. Thus good flexibility in your legs will help the back from overloading.     

These are the few measures that will help you to make yourself more fit after having long hours of desk work.