Every human being needs to lead a healthy sexual life. One of the famous magazines conducted a study on the benefits of sex. From this, you can also know why it is essential to have regular sex and in case of a problem, it is important to consult a sexologist immediately. Here are the benefits:

  • It helps in extending your lifespan. It has also been proved by a study conducted by Queen’s University, Belfast. They also got to know that men having regular sex have a longer lifespan than those who don’t. 
  •  It helps in the production of prolactin that provides gratification after sex. It controls the dopamine that causes sexual arousal. 
  • The chances of getting a heart attack and strokes are lower when men had sex thrice a week. This has been proved by a study done by Queen’s University, Belfast.
  • Sex helps in reducing your weight since it helps in burning calories. Thus, helps in overall health.
  • A person having regular sex will have lower chances of having the risk of flu or a common cold.
  • Sex also improves urine and bowel condition.
  • A person who has sex will have lesser chances of prostate enlargement.

Now you have seen the benefits of sex. You should also know what kind of treatment you should take when you face a sexual problem. You should always consult a sexologist so that you will get safe treatment.