Having a hard time coping with the quarantine schedule? Let's help you look at the silver lining of this much needed but unanimously imposed break for the sake of our community health. While you've got a lot of time in your hand that you're unsure of how to make good use for, we are here to show you some light with great skin care routines you need to follow while staying indoors. 

Getting The Glow Back On Your Face: Skin Care 101

Having fought pollution on a daily basis, this is the time when your skin has got a break from going out in the sun and taking some time out to breathe without heavy make up layers that clog your pores. It's high time you start taking advantage of the same. To begin with, help your skin plump up with natural remedies and protect it from any sort of synthetic products while you up your skincare game with us. Follow a skincare regime that suits your skin type and help it glow with an additional boost that we are about to reveal!

Dr. Vaidya's Herbocharm: An Ayurvedic Face Pack For Clear Skin

While looking for a healthy lifestyle alternative, we seldom look for healthy cosmetic aids that don't harm your skin with fillers and chemicals. If you have been searching for the same then let us unveil the powerpack for your skin. Introducing Herbocharm, an Ayurvedic face pack that works for all types of skin and dosha imbalances as it is formulated with incredible key ingredients like Lodhra, Dhania, Haldi, Sankh Jeera, Chalk and Sunth!

Often recommended to be used twice a week with rose water, it is needed to be prepped up with a smooth consistency for an even application. It's incredible formulation of 12 herbal ingredients help it work against your skin ailments like acne and clogged pores while helping your skin get a clear outlook with better complexion. Using this during quarantine with zero hindrance from sunshine and synthetic cosmetics, this can certainly be your golden chance to look sunkissed.