An egg a day keeps doctor away - maybe yes. 

Until about 2 decades ago, eggs were notorious for making levels of cholesterol high, leading to heart attacks, plaque formation in blood vessels, atherosclerosis, and blockages within arteries.

This myth has been busted now.

Eggs are a rich, simple and digestible source of proteins & vitamins. If combined with carbohydrates like some boiled potatoes/slice of bread/chapati- it becomes a healthy breakfast that will keep a person full for at least 4 hours, minus hunger pangs or desire to munch a snack full of bad fats. Please do not combine eggs with bacon/sausage or other rich foods having animal fats.

How many eggs can a person have in a day?

The amount depends upon your age, gender, personality, and lifestyle. Older people have a slower digestive system, despite walking for few kilometers in a day. A younger person who goes to the gym can burn the same calories at a faster rate.

Type personality who is always on the go ,has thyroid profile in the higher range burns calories faster because of higher BMR. In Ayurveda this personality is Vitta. This person can have more than one egg per day but not exceeding 2/day. Type B and Others can remain in the safe range of One Egg a day.

Egg has albumin which is the white,it is simple pure protein Only. A diabetic can have more than 2 egg whites in a day because calories of white portion is only 20 ! 

Yellow of egg is richer, has proteins, fats and vitamins like D( good for our bones), B12( present only in foods through animals-milk for vegetarians and eggs for others) and B 17 ( protects us from getting cancer).

Total calories in one egg are 80-90 only ( one chapati/ slice of bread/katori of daal etc)

Do eat one egg a day despite negativity associated within our psyche. Always combine egg with equal amount of good carbohydrate to get better utility of proteins and fats. If eaten alone, egg is difficult to digest.

Eat eggs during the day only as it takes about 4 hours to get digested

The Egg is a Simple protein which is easily available everywhere and costs a bit less than that packet of junk food which gives nothing more than Jaykaa to our taste buds.

Never Eat Raw eggs as they can be carriers of germs like Salmonella which causes Typhoid. 

Eat eggs made soft with low fire cooking using minimal fats- boiled, poached, scrambled with little butter,few vegetables like onions, tomatoes, boiled potatoes,coriander leaves,green chillies added to the eggs and cooked in a nonstick pan with lid- it is as good as cooking in steam (poached eggs)with minimal oils. Always Eat Eggs just after Cooking and setting. Total time to cook-5 minutes. Total cost- 5 Rupees++including added vegetables.