The wedding night is probably the most exciting thing for the newly-weds. It is something that both the groom and the bride eagerly wait for and dream about. While it is natural to have fantasies about the first night, it is also natural to feel nervous and shy about the first night. The first night is something that would never come back again once it is gone and hence, make sure that you make most of it.

Here are few tips for making your first wedding night perfect and exciting:

  • Do not fantasize
    Movies and novels are what romance means to most of the people. The bride expects her groom to romance her in the perfect Bollywood-style while the groom expects her bride to be perfect like heroines of the movies. It is okay to dream but it is important to be realistic. 
  • Communicate
    If you are having an arranged marriage, this is something very important. Make sure that your partner is comfortable with you and talk about your fears and dreams regarding the first night before getting married. Communication is important even if you are going for a love marriage. Also, take about contraceptive and family planning. It is all about spending some quality time together.
  • Make her feel special
    There is no point in jumping on to the bed, the moment you two are alone in the bedroom. Talk for a while so that your wife feels comfortable. A surprise gift is a great idea as well both for the bride and the groom. 
  • Start Slow
    It is always better to start slow and you can do that by just hugging and kissing your partner. The foreplay is important and just to keep things light; you can feed each other fruits or chocolates during the foreplay as well. Show your love and affection and it is always not possible to prove your manliness on the very first night. 
  • Virginity
    Sex or for that matter physical intimacy can be a matter of fear if you are a virgin. Bleeding and pain is normal and these do not last long. Make sure that you are well-lubricated before you allow him in. Talk to your doctor to have a better idea about these things. Guys should indulge in a lot of foreplay to arouse your wife and do not just rush into it, no matter how tempting it seems. Ensure that both of you have an amazing experience of making love. 
  • Do not get self-conscious
    Nobody is perfect and it is okay to have an extra ounce of weight in your belly or dark thighs. Do not get conscious and ruin the moment. Your partner would love you the way you are.
  • Sex is not mandatory
    Many couples do not have sex on their first night and it is quite natural. There is nothing to feel disappointed about and it is more important that your partner feels comfortable with you. Protection is must, if by chance he forgot to carry any contraceptive, you can always make the first move to remind him of safe sex.

These tips can take your relationship with your spouse to a whole new level so that you both start enjoying the life together.