The rising pollution level in Delhi isn’t something temporary and moreover, the problem wasn’t created in a day. It is years of carelessness not only on the government’s part but also the citizens. But it’s high time we start caring for our environment if we want a livable life for ourselves and our future generations.

It’s not only Delhi that’s suffering the consequences of pollution, so leaving it isn’t a feasible solution. What you can do is do your bit in reducing environmental pollution. Here’s how:

  • Keep plants at home
  • Use public transport/carpool for commute
  • Turn off electronic appliances when not in use
  • Use cloth bags instead of plastic bags
  • Avoid heavily packaged items like packaged fruits and household items
  • Avoid using one-time-use plastics like cutlery, bottles, pens, and straws
  • Recycle and reuse plastic items as much as possible
  • Dispose of dry and wet garbage separately
  • Avoid using too much water in daily activities like cleaning, bathing, etc
  • Avoid wastage of paper by encouraging digital bills.
  • Minimize usage of Air conditioners

Small steps can bring big changes and minimize our carbon prints in the world. So take a pledge today and start working towards minimizing pollution.