With 3.3 Million Indians suffering from cancer on any random day, it is not guaranteed that you are immune from it.  While there is no hard and fast rule which can save you from this dangerous ailment, you can always reduce your risk of getting in the hold of Cancer by following some simple but significant lifestyle rules. Some of the things which you need to include or change in your lifestyle to reduce the risk of cancer are as follows:

Healthy eating habits: This is the master key to a healthy life. It not only reduces your risk of cancer but saves you from many other dangerous diseases. Included a balanced diet in your lifestyle keeps you active and ailments even the common ones choose to stay away from you. No matter how fast the world is moving, you need to keep a distance from fast food. Instead, add salads and homemade food to your diet.

Intoxication: Any kind of intoxication should be banned from your lifestyle. Alcohol invites many diseases including Cancer which slowly makes you take the way away from life. Consuming alcohol, chewing tobacco and smoking are your ultimate enemies which you must avoid.

Protection from UV rays: Nowadays, the rapid change in the environment has led to the depletion of the protective layers of the earth, which restricted harmful rays of the sun. Too much exposure to these rays can result in Skin Cancer. Therefore, there is a need to protect you from these harmful ultraviolet rays by taking proper measures.

Exercise and body weight: Your body can catch up on many diseases if it is passive for a long period of time. An exercise regime should be followed to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Also, your body weight should be maintained according to your age. Too much weight or too little weight can be dangerous for your health. Observe your body: Do not ignore your physical body. Notice your body now and then, in case there is any change, bring it to the notice of your doctor. Cancer does not have any particular symptoms and therefore you need to be careful about every slight change. 

Body screening: Timely check-ups should be scheduled according to your age group. Depending on your age and sex, you should go for screening to detect cancer at early stages. There are no particular symptoms or pain prior to Cancer, therefore screening helps you to become confident about your body. Early detection is a boon for Cancer Patients as it is curable if detected early. 

These are some of the steps you need to include in your lifestyle to reduce the risks of cancer. Only if you are conscious about it, you can fight with it. Therefore, don’t nourish the notion that you cannot have Cancer; instead, change your lifestyle so that you don’t have to regret it later.