Case of Scrotal Cancer with Advanced Metastasis.

Name: Dr. Kanu V.N. Age: 42 yrs/ Male 

I am Hindi Lecturer in M. S. University of Vadodara. In Feb-March 2003.  I started suffering from severe pain in the
lower abdomen and occasional blood in stool. I started losing my appetite, weight and sleep considerably. There used to be frequent blackouts and weakness. I visited M.D. Physician in S.S.G Hospital Vadodara and started with some very expensive medications with temporary relief and then again there was relapse and I changed the doctor just to have similar outcome once again. Thus doctor advised me to undergo Ultrasonography test once in which I came to know
that I had multiple tumors in my abdomen. Then I visited a Surgeon and underwent C.T scan and other reports in which I came to know that my disease was much worse than I could imagine and even lungs had many tumours in them. After
unfruitful medications for 1 month I underwent surgery and removal of my prostate and after biopsy of that organ I came to know that I had Cancer which had spreaded much. 
I underwent chemotherapy thereafter. But I was under hell pain. I was much weak, all the time vomiting, loss of appetite etc. After that course I again underwent C.T. Scan and to my disappointment I came to know that I still had many small tumours in my lung and abdomen. Then I underwent Surgery and Radio therapy also, only to know after 1 year that my disease was increasing day by day. My symptoms were also worsening. 

Then I came to know about Dr. Ghanshyam Patel and underwent homeopathic treatment given by him. After 5 months of treatment my C.T Scan reports for the first time showed reduction in number of tumours adding to my hope and I continued the treatment for 1 year and at last reports showed complete removal of cancer from its root and today I am completely cured. My warm regards and Best wishes to Dr.Ghanshyam to continue this service to Humanity till the end of time. Thank you


Before and after reports of all cases like Blood and urine reports, Stool Reports, Ultrasonography, X-ray, CT Scan, MRI, etc are present with Dr. Ghanshyam Patel. 


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