Life initiates from a single cell post fusion of male and female gametes.Then starts the journey- embryogenesis, foetus, new born, childhood , adolescence, youthful days, middle age , old age. Ultimately the physical body disintegrates as components of earth. Our body is composed of what we eat. An embryo and foetus receives nourishment from mother's blood. New born from Mother's milk. Gradually weaning starts and a one year child and above is eligible to consume normal human diet derived from natural resources of earth. Throughout life, mother earth nourishes us with her plentiful and varied resources.We are vegetarians or non- vegetarians. Vegetarian needs exposure to all varied components of plants to prevent defiency syndrome.Certain plant express particular amino acids, absorbs some typical minerals from the soil. Express varied antioxidants and are packed with complex carbohydrates and fats blended with vitamins. Requirement of complex carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants are fulfilled in totality when we include a variety of plant products in our diet. Milk and dairy products, eggs , lean meat and fish are good sources of proteins and fat soluble vitamins like vitamin A, B12 and D3 and E. The body is undergoing metabolic functions with both anabolism and catabolism running simultaneously. We are remodelled constantly without even notice. More than 80% of our health depends on our balanced nutrition. Exercises are important for maintaining muscle tone, promotion of circulation, enhancement of immune function and powerful brain function. A balanced thought and positivity adds to better life control and good decisions. These combine to make our life beautiful and healthy. Our ancient wisdom is full of such life  experiences as evident in the sayings of Lord Krishna and Gautam Buddha. Anything that is born meets an end. Our karma or deeds makes us immemorable. Not our material wealth or worldly possession to remain healthy in life comply with three basic principles-

 Right diet

Right thought 

Right action