Life expectancy of hiv infected person on treatment is  equal to that of non hiv infected person. Studies have shown that the survival gap between HIV-infected persons receiving antiretroviral therapy (ART) and noninfected persons has narrowed in recent years. However, the characteristics of the control groups for such comparisons often were not ideal.

Investigators have now analyzed data for 25,768 HIV-infected and 257,600 uninfected individuals (matched 1:10 by age, gender, medical center, and initial year of follow-up) in a large healthcare system to compare life expectancies between the two groups. The mean age of all individuals was 40, and 90% were men. The HIV-infected population more frequently had a history of smoking (45% vs. 31%), drug or alcohol abuse (21% vs. 9%), and hepatitis B or C infection (12% vs. 2%). For the HIV-positive population, the mean CD4 count was 410 cells/mm3.