All skin problems one solution.  Hijama cupping therapy.

Hijama cupping therapy is very ancient natural way of healing for any and all disease. 

Hijama cupping therapy basically removes all toxins from the human body thus human body starts functioning at its 100% efficiency. 

Hijama cupping therapy is a very simple procedure in which 1 suction cup is applied at selected point.  As shown in image. Then with suction pump vaccum is generated inside the cup. After keeping cup with negative suction for 5 mins cup is removed.  With new surgical blade of 11. Nom which is very small incision are taken. Incisions means prick or cuts. But as these are very smal like ant bites this hijama cupping therapy is very minimal painfull consider 2 % pain of injection prick compared. Then after incisions whole body toxinated and impure blood comes out in that cup. After taking incision cup is placed until body through out all possible toxins as per its own capacity of toxic  removal per hijama cupping therapy session. 

Hijama cupping therapy remove only impure blood and toxins from body

If blood removed by hijama cupping therapy is tested in laboratory then it will show very higher concentration of uric acid , creatanine , urea , low density lipid , triglycerides , cholesterol , heavy metals , toxic gases.

Above findings are already proved on basis of scientific research with proper statistical data analysis

If u want to know more about hijama cupping therapy u can Google it by typing hijama cupping therapy research papers in search box of Google. 

Till my practice of 5 years I haven't seen a single failure in skin diseases 

Psoriasis , allergy , dermatitis , repeat fungal infections , pimple and acne of face , blackened skin , dark  black circles around eyes , scar and mark of acne and pimple are some problems which I had treated in past years with excellent results

Hajama in Arabic means “to restore the basic size” or “to diminish in volume”.  The ancient Egyptians were the first ones to use the cupping therapy systematically. Eber Papyrus, thought to be the oldest medical textbook, written in approximately 1550 BC, in Egypt, describes bleeding by cupping in order to ‘remove the foreign matter from the body’.Hippocrates and Galen were also great advocates of cupping. In the early days the technique was used only for bleeding purposes. In those days there were two schools of thought as far as diseases were concerned: - starve the source of the sickness from the body; or bleed to drain it away. ‘Disease is an unnatural state of the body which impairs a function. Health is a state of accordance with nature and the cause of the functions’, states Galen.For thousands of years, medical authors have distinguished two forms of cupping – Dry and Wet cupping. In Dry Cupping, no blood is actually removed. A cup is drained of air and applied to the skin, causing the skin to swell. In Wet Cupping the process commences with Dry Cupping, and is followed by several incisions/ pricks being made on the skin, in order to ooze out blood.Among the Egyptians who introduced bloodletting to Greece, cupping was a usual remedy for almost every disorder