What is Hernia?

When an organ pushes itself beyond the sac or flimsy muscles that holds it, it is termed as #Hernia. Hernia can happen in any regions of the body like abdomen, brain, spine, etc.The most common is the Hernia of the abdominal area where the intestine breaks through the abdominal wall. In a male it is in the groin and in the female it is mostly after surgery in the abdomen. To simply put, Hernia is the displacement of the organ beyond its borders. 

To understand practically if your shirt is torn and your inner wear protrudes out  thats Hernia!!!

How Hernia Occurs?

Hernia happens because of either weak muscles or a defect in the holding muscles. This weakness can be present since birth, a genetic factor more often, that can manifest in adulthood.This weak muscle buckles when there is increase in pressure. The pressure can be caused usually because of lifting heavy weights, or pressure caused by such conditions like continuous sneezing, persistent cough, diarrhea or constipation.

Hernia can happen in any organ even your brain can herniate !!!