Believe me, it's so easy to pile up the kilos during winter…courtesy comforting fried foods (primarily paranthas/परांठा), sugar laden tea or coffee and even the tempting gur-gachak (गुड़गचक) and mom’s pinnies (पिन्नी).

  • It’s the perfect time to think about wise food choices and portion control.
  • Winter binging may easily cost you a weight gain of three to five kilos.
  • The main reasons for weight gain are less physical activity during winter and of course increased consumption of heavier foods.

Tips To Prevent Winter Weight Gain:

1. Get enough sun-shine

  • A short pre or post lunch-time walk can provide sunlight which is good for your Vitamin D status.

2. Limit fatty foods

  • Foods such as fried snacks, puddings, pinnies and chocolates can be limited to just once or twice a week.

3. Fill yourself up with fiber

  • Fill your plate or tiffin with lots of filling vegetables
  • Have soup before your dinner
  • Add oats, barley and dals(दाल) to help keep you fuller for longer.

4. Don’t skip workouts

  • Don’t skip the gym.
  • Fix days for workouts and try to follow it as well.

5. Weigh yourself every day

  • Get on the scale frequently to make you conscious if you are putting on weight.
  • Maintain record of weight and inches as well.

6. Indulge in healthy drinking

  • Have at least 2-3 cups of green tea or green coffee.
  • Have light soups and broths.