Behind every healthy heart, there is a healthy weight. It is important to stay close to your optimal weight to keep your heart healthy. Here are few tips to keep check on both:

  1. SUGAR: Increase in weight can lead to diabetes which can cause an explosion in heart disease. Avoid excess sugar in the forms of colas, juices, cakes, sweets to control the weight and diabetes and hence heart disease.
  2. FAT: Excess of fat intake will lead to weight gain. The type of fat we are consuming is the major deciding factor for a healthy heart. Saturated fats like ghee, butter should better be avoided.  Similarly, trans fats or hydrogenated fats are present in packaged foods like biscuit/cookies can increase the risk of weight gain as well as heart disease.
  3. FAST FOOD: Culture is raising the risk for heart diseases as mainly these foods are laden with fat and sodium which is the major cause of weight gain and hypertension (high b.p). Fast food leads to fast cardiac degeneration, better avoid it.
  4. ALCOHOL AND BEER: Provide extra calories and also lead to abdominal obesity which is a huge risk factor for heart disease. Anything greater than 80cm for women and 94cm for men means decreased risk. Say no to alcohol for a healthy heart.
  5. EXERCISE: Today we are less inclined to exercise, this is dangerous. Loose weight through exercises and boost up the health of the heart. It is recommended that one should do exercise daily for at least 30-40 minutes. 

Why exercise is important??

  • Helps Prevent Diseases
  • Improves Stamina
  • Enhances Flexibility
  • Controls Weight
  • Improves Quality of Life
  • Strengthens and Tones, etc.

     6. WATCH THE WHITES FOR WEIGHT: Avoid bread, white flour, white rice. Also full cream milk, cheese as they lead to weight gain and increase risks associated with it.

The best way to avoid heart problems is, to begin with, the weight check.