Heart is known as HRUDAYAM in Sanskrit & Ayurveda. This word
is a mixture of three words:

HRU- Which means receiver. Heart receives impure blood from
whole body.

DA- Which means giver. Heart gives pure blood to complete

YAM- Means regulator. (YAM is the shaloka of choice for
Heart-Chakra. No doubt most of the seers meditate with the mantra SOYAM or to

Heart is the seat of emotions like joy, sadness, love &
compassion. Thus a phrase for emotions always contains heart in it like ‘my
heart is full of love and compassion.’ So heart has two aspects, physical &
emotional. Both are taken care of with holistic approach of Ayurveda, Yoga and

Five ways to take care of your #HEART-HEALTH.

1. Lead a #stress-free life. Practice various relaxation

2. Practice yogic exercises daily like Ushtrasan, Paschimottanasan,
Suraya Namaskaar etc.

3. Practice Pranaayam regularly like Anulom-Vilom, Bhramri

4. Meditate regularly like OM chanting.

5. Certain Ayurvedic OTC products are good for maintenance
of heart health like Arjun, Garlic etc.