Diwali is the festival of light. We should also try to lighten up the lives of our family and friends by making sure that they have good health. For that, we come up with some healthy Diwali gift ideas.

 FRUIT BASKETS: A fruit basket is the healthiest gift to give to anyone. Fill it up with exotic fruits such as orange, lime, muskmelons, and pineapple are excellent sources of vitamin c, and also fruits like banana, prune, dried peaches, apricots, and honeydew are good sources of potassium, whereas fruits like avocado and olives are excellent sources of saturated fats.

 GIFT OF LIGHT: Diwali is a festival of lights so pick up different varieties of light products such as diyas and candles, such as wax diyas, brass diyas, Laxmi and Ganesh diyas. attractive lanterns and lamps can also be gifted.

 HOME FRAGRANCES: Home fragrances, such as Diwali incense sticks, floating candles, fragrant sachets are also available in large range of fragrances such as lemongrass, rose, orange, sandalwood, and lavender might last for a long time, and also you can gift them with scented oils which will give them organic natural aroma.

  Do it yourself(DIY): This will help you make new and useful gifts from scratch. You need resources available at your home. There are plenty of DIY pen holders, lamp shades, teapots etc.

 DRY FRUITS:  Dry fruits are the oldest yet the trendiest gift for your family and friends and healthiest gift to give to your family and friends.

 CHOCOLATES: Chocolates are the sweetest gift which will definitely bring a big smile on your loved one's faces and also bring up the festive mood on.

 Make sure you and your family are having a good and healthy Diwali this year and the coming years to come.

                                                        WISHING YOU ALL A HAPPY AND SAFE DIWALI