Here are some healthy choices for healthy weight-

  1. Eat salads before having a meal. Salads will fill tummy and hence will result in a lesser intake of other foods.
  2. Have soups before a meal as it is low in calories and it will calm down your hunger.
  3. Use very less oil to cook food. Don't put desi ghee on your chapati. Daals can be taken without tadka.
  4. Have a plate full of fruits in breakfast to energize for the struggling day ahead.
  5. Have water 10-15 minutes before having any meal as it will lead to a feeling of fullness. target more than 3 liters of water per day.
  6. One can have a plate full of boil veggies in dinner. You can include veggies like cauliflower, beans, carrot, capsicum,etc. Toss it up with black pepper, oregano, chilly flakes to increase metabolism and make it more appetizing.
  7. One can have fruits/ popcorns(without butter)/ roasted chana etc. as an evening snack. Avoid usage of the so-called 'Diet namkeens' or 'Diet cokes'.
  8. After having lunch/dinner if one craves for sweet one can have 1-2 pieces of fruit or  home made low-fat fruit custard.
  9. Always cook daal by adding veggies to it. By this one can increase the nutritive value of the dish. For example, ghiya chana daal,daal palak,etc.
  10. Don't sieve flour. Multi grain atta can be used for making tastier chapati.
  11. Replace full cream milk/buffalo milk with skimmed milk/toned milk. Similarly, use low fat paneer in your diet.
  12. Include sprout salad/ kala chana salad as it will give you feeling of fullness and also it is full of fiber. These are the store house of proteins and other essential vitamins.
  13. Exercise daily for at least one hour. It could be jog/walk/brisk walk/ yoga. Take stairs instead of elevators and escalators.
  14. Cut down on processed, preserved and packaged food. Go for seasonal varieties as they are not only more nutritious but also light on your pocket.
  15. Avoid colas, sodas, and aerated drinks as they will provide empty calories.