Do celebrate color,glitter & noise as Goddess Laxmi likes being Gaudy.Care for feelings of others also. If there is pollution and related illnesses, so many authorities vouching for levels of suspended particles cannot be wrong.

If Possible do visit a person suffering from asthma and COPD today to wish good health.

If sweets are adulterated, make an effort and do make simple chocolate at home. It requires 100 gms of butter+chocolate powder+a tin of Milkmaid +++any amounts of assorted nuts. 

My simple recipe worth sharing here- Thick based karahi/ cooking vessel on low fire, mix all ingredients together, keep stirring and cooking until the mixture caramelizes.

Lord Ganesha is worshiped along with Goddesses Laxmi and Saraswati.

Ganesha removes obstacles and Goddess Saraswati is Goddess of Knowledge, a simple goddess who does not believe in glitter like her sister Laxmi.

Wealth attained through hard work and knowledge is worth a Worship.

There should be No Place for Falsehood and Deception.

Do Worship each God as a Guide to a Healthy Future.

There should be No Doubts about Health being the Best Wealth.

Do Not Self Medicate. Do not follow others.

Despite scandals in Medical field, All is Not Lost yet.

Visit only ethical doctors and say Thanks.

For a doctor a smiling cured patient is beyond the value of any money

Money Follows Ethics.

But Ethical Doctors Abhor patients who say after getting Cured- So What We Paid for the Treatment !

Do Take help from time tested Ayurveda or learned Homeopaths but Stay Away from Quacks, sweet talking unprofessional people posing to be specialists

These so called Doctors Believe Only in One Goddess- Laxmi. 

Quacks Care a Damn about Ganesha or Goddess of Learning Saraswati.

Money is essential to everyone.

Why not take a pledge today about money generated through Fair Means. This Money brings No Stress and Stress is Number 1 cause of Every Disease.No use then running after doctors to find a miracle Cure for illness related to negative stress.

Happy Diwali to everyone reading this.