Earlier this month, Hindustan Times gave me a big shock when I read that MLAs of Uttar Pradesh have spent Rs. 9 Crore on their tea time snacks. They have eaten up samosas, tea and gulab jamuns in 4 years. Or I should say they have eaten up 9 crores and have destroyed their health. As a medical nutritionist my concern is health more than the money. In India, samosa is considered as the best and the only option which comes in mind of every one when they have to serve the snacks.

I would recommend that India need to change their eating habits and the canteens of offices, schools and even the government buildings have to undergo this change for a healthy future. Here are some healthy options which one should opt for. They are:

  • Vegetable Poha: It can be prepared very easily and is very nutritious if veggies get added into it. Different households in India make it in different ways and are considered as staple food of the country. Eating poha regularly can prevent iron deficiency or anaemia as it contains 20 mg iron in every 100gram raw rice flakes. Children as well as pregnant and lactating women can have poha because of the health benefits it contains. To make iron absorption easy, you can squeeze a lemon in it.
  •  Oats Idli: Oats have a lot many number of health benefits. It has a high nutrition value and is rich in fibber. It has a minimal amount of saturated fat and cholesterol and thus considered as one of the best options for weight management and maintenance of health. It contains soluble fibber which reduced bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol level in the blood.
  • Dhokla:  this is a very renowned Gujarati dish and has many health benefits. The fermentation of dal adds its nutritive value of dhoklas make them rich in fibre and protein. It releases glucose at a more sustained rate and this makes it good for diabetics. Being steamed and oil free makes it low in calories.

So, instead of buying ill health choose the healthy way of living and give a worth to your hard earned money. For knowing healthy diets, you should consult a nutritionist.