Brinjal is bitter, sweet and heavy. It increases appetite and bile. It enhances physical power and sperm count. It is useful for the heart and gets rid of vatta disorders. Brinjal increases sleepiness, cough, and phlegm as well as breathing problems.

Brinjal makes the stomach strong and breaks the tumours. Brinjal passes chocked urine out and provides relief in pain caused by heat. Rub head side part of the brinjal and apply it on the piles. It is useful in piles.  It enhances blood and digestion power. Raw brinjal eliminates the phlegm and bile. Ripe brinjal is full with alkali and increases bile. Half-ripen brinjal cures tridoshas (vatta, pitta and kapha) and purifies the blood and bile. Toast brinjal on fire and make bharta by it. Eating this bharta eliminates pitta and vatta. White brinjal is very useful for the patient of piles.

Useful in different diseases: 

  • Gas trouble:
    If the patient suffers from stomach gas and flatulence after drinking water, eat sabji (cooked vegetable) of long brinjal. It eliminates stomach gas. This remedy also provides relief in liver and spleen enlargement.
  • Excessive sweating:
    If the patient suffers from excessive sweating on the palms and soles, the victim should extract the juice from brinjal and apply it on the palms and soles. Its use gets rid of this problem.
  • Piles:
    Grind the stem of brinjal and apply on pile. Its use provides relief in pain and burning sensation. Burn brinjal and mix honey in its ash to prepare paste. Applying this paste on piles’ warts ends them soon.
  • Stone:
    Toast brinjal on flame and throws its seeds out. Make bharta of this brinjal and eat it regularly for 15 to 20 days. Its use breaks the stones and throws them out.
  • Insomnia: 
    Toast brinjal on flame and mix honey in it. Licking this mixture at night cures insomnia and provides sound sleep. This process should continue regularly. Its use provides relief in insomnia.
  • Amenorrhoea:
    Taking equal quantity of brinjal’s sabji (cooked vegetable), breads of millet and jiggery (gur) in winters provides relief in dirty and scanty menstrual excretion. This formula should not be accepted by those women who are hot natured.
  • Stomach heaviness:
    Toast brinjal on flame and mix impure carbonate of soda in it. Tying this preparation on the stomach makes it light soon.
  • Testicles’ swelling:
    Mix ground root of brinjal plant with water and apply it on the testicles regularly for some days. Its use reduces the swelling and normalizes the testicles.
  • Rickets:
    Grind brinjal properly and extract juice of it. Mix a little rock salt in this juice. Giving one spoon juice to the affected child after lunch regularly for some days provides relief.