Our bodies are between 50% and 70% water. Drinking water helps us maintain what we are. 

Water flushes out the harmful toxins: On both a systemic level and on a cellular level, water helps flush out toxins from our body. 

Failure to drink enough water fails your body: When you fail to hydrate and have proper electrolytes, you fail to provide the means to have optimal brain operation and energy to operate. Yes, water and salt are the body's energy drink every 3 hours. 

Drinking water regulates our body temperature: Like an air conditioner, the water in our body keeps us cool in summer. Hydration also plays a role in maintaining our body heat. All our systems and function work optimally when properly hydrated. Water works like the air conditioning fluid that our body uses for daily operation. Water is the primary means our bodies use for cooling. 

Water promotes weight loss: When we drink water, it goes into our stomach. There it washes out the old mucous and used up salt from the last meal. Once in the gut, water is absorbed into the body, goes through the circulatory system and once back to the stomach, it creates a new mucous lining for the stomach to receive the next meal. It also takes the salt to produce on demand, a fresh batch of chemicals needed for digestion. Now, when you eat, your stomach is ready for food. You digest food better. You quickly attain satiation. By drinking water regularly, your stomach is ready to take appropriate amount of food. This way you do not overeat & it's the easiest way to loose weight!

Improves Skin: One of the tests of hydration of our body is the skin turgor test. Pinch a little skin on the back of your hand. If it stays tented, you will be told you are dehydrated by your doctor. Properly hydrated skin is healthy skin. You will look younger and more beautiful. 

Other health benefits of drinking water:

1. Build Muscles

2. Boosts Metabolism

3. Boosts Brain Power

4. Keeps You Alert