Yoghurt improves appetite along with stimulating our taste-buds, acidic nature controls oral infections and helps absorption of calcium. It helps to build our immunity and strength, prevents osteoporosis, manages insomnia and is also an aphrodisiac. For all these benefits it should be consumed in the right way else it may lead to a negative outcome.

How to have Yogurt?

Ayurveda put forward the following guidelines for using yoghurt:

  • Curd should not be taken regularly
  • It should not be heated- the properties alters on heating
  • Should not be consumed during Night
  • Not recommended for people with Obesity, inflammatory conditions, Arthritis, Skin diseases
  • Add Sugar, Jaggery or Honey before consumption
  • Consumption of partially formed curd will aggravate skin diseases, herpes, haemorrhoids and bleeding

Yoghurt is best taken in cold seasons like winter or rainy season. Avoid curd in autumn, spring and summer where buttermilk can be taken in plenty.

The wrong intake of curd can interfere with the process of digestion to produce minute amounts of toxins in the gut. These toxins may be accumulated in various parts to cause disease- skin and joint being the most common. Ayurveda recommends dietary habits and lifestyle for longevity and to prevent diseases. Health is beyond the absence of diseases, Ayurveda aims at complete harmony of Mind, Body and Soul.