Did you know that cranberries are loaded with health benefits? Well, read further to know more:

These ruby-red cranberries can prevent antibiotic, reduce inflammation, and more. One may link cranberries with the holidays, but there are better reasons to have them year-round, either dried, frozen, or in juice form. So, here are some health benefits of cranberry, including recent research about how these rubies may help decrease the global threat of antibiotic-resistant superbugs.


 1)  Anti-inflammatory and Packed with Antioxidants

Cranberries are powerhouses of antioxidants just like other berries. Actually, when it comes to berries, they rank just after blueberries often known as the 'king of antioxidants'. Moreover, Cranberries also contain anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, research suggests that people who eat cranberries have lower levels of C-reactive protein, a blood indicator of inflammation, which is a known warning of premature ageing, cognitive decline and chronic illness.  

2) Curb Antibiotic Resistance

According to a new study of McGill University in Canada, researchers found bacterias responsible for urinary tract infections, gastroenteritis and pneumonia. If bacterias are aided with antibiotics they naturally become resistant to its outcome. But in this research, scientists discovered that adding the cranberry extract prevented resistance from increasing. Cranberry extract makes the bacterial cell wall more permeable to the antibiotic, and it stimulates the bacteria to have a hard time pumping out the antibiotic.       

3) Supports Gut Health

Research suggests that consuming cranberries can bring a positive shift in the good gut bacteria tied to digestive health, immunity, and mood. The fiber in dried or whole cranberries also help to prevent constipation and smooth digestion.       

4) Strong Immunity

The cranberries are rich in vitamin C. They support immunity and are essential to make collagen, so it plays a significant role in skin, joint health and overall healing. You may have probably heard that cranberries help prevent and heal urinary tract infections. That's true. Cranberries help by interacting with the ability of bacteria to stick to the walls of the urinary tract. The same type of natural defense also works in the stomach to heal ulcers and in the mouth and to fight gum problems.     

5) Boost Circulation

Cranberries have been scientifically proven to help improve flexibility of arteries. This provides enhanced blood circulation and flow. It takes off all pressure from your heart and can also help blood pressure to lower. Improved circulations can also improve cognitive function and boost energy.In order to take advantage of cranberry benefits, look for 100% unsweetened natural juice. Because cranberries are bitter to taste, sugar or syrup is usually added. Also, the juice can be combined with a sweeter fruit, like apple. However, you can pour pure cranberry juice to your morning smoothie or mix it with lightly sweetened almond milk for the moisture in oatmeal or overnight oats. You may also find frozen cranberries in your freezer section. Turn them into smoothies or warm over little heat on the stovetop along with some natural orange juice with a zest of maple syrup, freshly grated ginger root or lemon, cinnamon, and mint. Eat healthy stay fit! We hope you found this blog useful.

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