Loaded with vitamins & minerals, besan kadhi is perfect for improving body functions & growth. It is primarily rich in protein, calcium & phosphorus, and following are some of it's health benefits-

BYE BYE ANEMIA: No more fatigue, Iron & protein is the perfect combo to increase Haemoglobin.

HELLO TO HEALTHY SKIN & HAIR: Be it acne, dark spots or any skin issue. Besan boosts collagen formation and has inflammatory properties.

TOTAL YES IN PREGNANCY: Folate, Present!Vitamin B6, Present!Iron, Present! Baby Growth, YES!Chances if Miscarriage, Reduced!!

TAKES CARE OF DIGESTIVE HEALTH: Loaded with Good bacteria for the gut. Maintains gut-flora & Helps in nutrient absorption. 

GLUTEN FREE: Besan flour doesn’t contain gluten, so it makes a good substitute for wheat flour in gluten-free diets.

BONE HEALTH: Besan and Curd both being rich in calcium makes it friendly for Healthy Bones. Additionally Phosphorous makes it perfect as Phosphorous combines with Calcium to build bones & teeth.

REGULATES BLOOD PRESSURE: Rich in magnesium, causes the muscle to relax and hence maintains Heart Health. While phosphorous regulates Lipid Mechanism.

CONTROLS DIABETES: Being low in glycemic index makes it perfect for people with diabetes. Reduces Blood Sugar & Insulin.

Next time you have Besan Kadhi, feel blessed and not worried about weight gain & stuff. :)