Aloe vera is filled fully with surprising health benefits. There are two types of aloe vera plants:a) medicated aloe vera

b) normal aloe vera

Following are the health benefits of aloe vera:

  • Aloe vera helps in improving the digestive system. It cures intestinal bowel syndrome and keeps constipation, pile and other gastrointestinal condition from damaging our system.
  • Aloe vera at the same time helps in improving and strengthening our immune system which will protect us from several diseases.
  • Aloe vera helps in reducing arthritis and joint pain.
  • Aloe vera also helps in lowering the blood glucose levels.
  • Aloe vera also helps in lowering the triglycerides and cholesterol levels.
  • Fresh aloe vera gel is also beneficial for our skin and skin related problems as it will give you soothing effect.
  • Aloe vera gel helps in promoting hair growth. One can apply its gel on entire scalp for hair treatment.
  • Aloe vera also helps in curing menstrual cramps. Intake of its juice lowers down the pain.
  • Aloevera is rich in vitamin-B 12, vitamin-B 2, vitamin-B 1, vitamin-B 6, vitamin-A, vitamin-E, vitamin-C, niacin and olic acid.
  • Aloe vera also helps in delaying the ageing process as it helps in removing the wrinkles and patches from the skin which will make your skin glow.


Aloe vera can be taken in many ways. It can be taken in form of smoothies, juices; can be applied directly.

For example:

  • Aloe vera juice with lemon
  • Aloe vera can be taken with kale in form of a smoothie.
  • Aloe vera gel can be mixed with besan and can be used as a face mask.
  • Aloe vera juice can be mixed with 1 glass of warm water and can be taken in morning empty stomach which will also help in weight loss.
  • It can also be taken with bottle gourd, cucumber and flax seed in a smoothie form. One can add ginger to it also.
  • Aloe vera also comes in capsule form. For proper capsule dosage consult a doctor. 


  • Don't take aloe vera if you have colitis, appendicitis, intestinal problems or Crohn's disease.
  • Pregnant ladies, kids, breastfeeding moms should not take aloe vera.
  • Don't take it in large doses as large doses will cause stomach cramps, diarrhoea and dehydration.