It's already end of the year and this day bring exciting opportunities and problems at the same time.

Potential problems which are encountered this day every year are:

1. Drunken driving: Sadly, many lives are lost on the last day of the year and many people spend the early new year in bed healing because of this. It's better to be driven around after a hearty party.

2. Sore throat and chest problems: Winters are at its peak, with exposure to cold weather, dehydration and drinking the immunity goes down and this in-turn makes one more prone to infections.

3. Hangovers: These can be avoided if one remains hydrated adequately. Know your limits and when to stop. Try a lemonade with ginger.

The idea of a new year's eve is to celebrate the end of the year with your near and loved ones and welcome the futuristic new year with passion and happiness. 

Try the following tricks to have an amazing evening:

1. Help someone in need, maybe lend an old sweater which you never wear.

2. Promise to be a better version of yourself.

3. Take a pledge to eat healthy and think healthier.

4. Prioritise your work and life balance.

Wishing you all a fantastic year ahead!!