The peel of a fruit or vegetable is the most colourful and many times the most nutritious part. Most fruit peels are rich in vitamins, and pectin - an insoluble fibre. Thus, they increase bulk helping in reduced calorie intake . They have immunity enhancing phytochemicals and many antioxidant properties too.

Here are a few examples of peels you can try eating at home along with their benefits-

1. Potato 

Tt's peel has loads of Vitamin C, B and fibre. To make a peel, boil potatoes with the skin. Next, sauté them with a little butter. Sprinkle salt, pepper and eat as a nutritious evening meal with a slice of multigrain bread . 

2. Banana

The peel of a banana has many healing properties. Rub the inside of the banana peel against skin inflamed from mosquito bites or pimples. It soothes and lessens the skin irritation. 

3. Green peas

The skin is packed with folic acid, proteins, minerals and fibre. Use it with the pea pods to make vegetables. 

4. Sweet lime, Orange and Lemon peels 

The thin peel is called rind and has amazing benefits. It has higher vitamin C, potassium, vitamin A and calcium than the pulp.