Skull Surgery is a stressful period in a patient's life and a successful outcome depends upon various factors apart from the surgeon's skills. A highly informed and motivated patient is known to recover faster.

The following are some simple tips that can be followed for a faster recovery.

  • All medicines should be taken on time, as prescribed by the doctor
  • Avoid alcohol for healthy recovery
  • Avoid driving, at least till 3 to 4 weeks after surgery
  • Walk daily. An active lifestyle would prevent further complications like pneumonia and constipation
  • Physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy aids in faster recovery. It also helps manage neurological problems like clumsiness and speech problems.
  • Include protein and calcium rich diet. Drink low fat or fat-free milk and milk products.
  • Keep the surgical incision clean and dry. Change dressing if it is wet or soiled.
  • Take ample rest. Small naps can be taken during daytime.
  • Avoid coloring or dying hair at least for 4 weeks
  • Strenuous activities like bicycle riding, jogging, weight lifting, or aerobic exercise, must be avoided at least for 3 months or until doctor permits.
  • Use ice or cold pack for 1-2 days to reduce pain, swelling and itching.

Doctor must be immediately visited if someone experiences any sign of wound infection like redness or discharge or symptoms such as severe headache, seizures, vomiting, confusion or chest pain.