Practicing medicine is a divinely job.A practitioner is trusted upon to make the seekers free from suffering.Health is a state of well being at the level of body,mind& soul at every age.We the human beings are the highest creation of almighty on earth.The power to think,use wisdom & recreate magic was imparted by the great creator of this universe to us.The story in Bhagwat Geeta of  Nar & Narayana  conquering the Mahabharata of life has a lot to be intercepted.A human soul when guided by wisdom of supreme power, that is Krishna can defeat all evils.Even our ancient scriptures are replete with knowledge that helps us discover the goodness of science & nature. Each creation of almighty in the universe has a beginning & an end, whether living or non living.There is an interdependence of subjects for their existence.Health of one affects other.With rapid  advances in techno.logy &  fast paced life, there is spiritual & emotional attenuation.Introduction of corporate culture &  marketing tactics in health sector post privatization has made health a sheer business.Your success is rated  upon using techniques to treat your subjects carrying health cards or cash to swipe out their finances for the betterment of business sector.Patients want instant results, unaware of the consequences of such  techniques have on them.Those who  are rich & influential make the mistake and shows full arrogance of his capacity to purchase health. Let us not forget health is a precious gem . lt can only be achieved through our determination & willingness to reside in a healthy body.Most of the modern day maladies are a consequence of our mismanaged lifestyle &  misguided soul. Let us realise the fact as  early as  possible.Make health attainment a possible endeavour by practising the golden principles.Improving your health depends on maintaining  a healthy environment internally & externally.Be compassionate, thoughtful, responsible &  disciplined.Nourish  your body with mindful nutrients available in the surrounding.Accepting the fact that we are souls embalmed in physical body touring on this earth with a purpose.Our actions should be a commitment to make a selfless contribution to our environment. Practice gracious actions that heals the seekers. Do not treat them like machine repairing & replacing their  body parts.Let us remember that the real chemistry to heal lie within us.. Dr Mamta Jha , gynaecologistGreater Noida.