One of the commonest human ailments is headache.

Amongst the various causes of headache, there are many ENT problems that can cause it.

Some nasal problems can cause headaches - these are called 'Rhinogenic Headache'.

Common ENT problems causing headaches are:

- Sinusitis - a sinus infection can cause a headache. The location of the headache will depend upon the sinus involved. Maxillary sinus headaches will cause cheek pain, Ethmoid sinus headaches will be between the eyes, Frontal sinus headaches are over the forehead while Sphenoid sinus infection causes pain over the vertex of the head.

Typically a Sinus headache starts in the morning and gradually improves as the day progresses. It is usually at the same place every time, increases on bending forward and also on coughing.

Sometimes a Sinus infection may also cause a toothache because the roots of the molars rest in the floor of the Sinus.

Apart from the treatment your ENT specialist may prescribe for you, steam Inhalation one to two times a day always helps. 

- Septal deviation can cause headaches by pressing upon a nerve and causing localised headaches.

- Neuralgic pains can cause symptoms of headache - these will be sharp lancinating pains, usually following a trigger like exposure to something cold etc.

- Ear infections can cause severe one sided headaches. This is specially so in elderly diabetics.

In case in spite of adequate treatment your headache persists, it may be time to see your ENT Specialist.

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