Mental problems can take a toll on someone s life. I could see this for the first time when I saw my friend coming to me and crying every day after he lost his job suddenly.

Initially, I tried counseling him by myself as I thought I was quite good in this and before him, I had helped many of my friends at times of despair. But after great trial from my end this time I was a failure. Always I thought why to go to a psychiatrist or a psychologist, just we need to build up enough courage to handle things. But when I saw my friend deteriorating n finally talking about suicide, I knew, now it's high time I change my mindset. I thought of taking him to a male psychiatrist considering that he would be comfortable there.

I immediately booked an appointment and took him to a nearby psychiatrist the same day. This experience, unfortunately, made me think did I take the right decision as we had gone to one of the most famous doctors with a lot of expectations. We were made to wait for almost 2hrs beyond our appointment time and finally when we thought it was our turn ,and then a 15 min brief history was taken by some trainee n again made to wait for another 1/2 hr .finally the doctor called and gave just 5min time to see our face, listen to the trainee’s brief history n quickly wrote a prescription. Now I knew how right I was to think that outsiders cannot be of any help in such genuine the full story here

a friend in need is a friend indeed